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Why is Ange so happy?

We love a celeb wedding.

Especially when it involves one of our favourite TV stars.

Angela Griffin married her fiance Jason Milligan at Babington House in Somerset yesterday.

The Cutting It star, 30, has been with Jason, 35, for three years.

Among the star-studded guest list were Angela's Cutting It co-star Amanda Holden, Max Beesley, Jill Halfpenny and Lisa Faulkner.

An insider said: "It was a lovely day. Angela looked beautiful and radiant with happiness."

In fact, Angela worked her socks off to lose an amazing four stone in time for her nuptials.

She said: "I worked so hard on my figure since being pregnant."

The actress gave birth to her and Jason's daughter Tallulah Jae in June 2004.

28.7.06 11:33

The power of Three

It’s been a long hot summer and it’s 95 degrees in the shade (or so Girls Aloud once memorably sang). And it seems that waiting for announcements of exciting autumn schedules are like buses – you wait for one with the expectant hope of Patrick Kielty awaiting his next contract through the heatwave of the World Cup, Love Island and Big Brother, then loads come along at once.


One drama that has defined BBC Three and deserved a much wider audience than it gained on the terrestrials (BBC2 on a Saturday night? I think not!) is Bodies. The truly magnificent drama is rounded off with a feature-length finale, and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be as bleak, visceral and brutal as what came before. But pity Max Beesley. after the heights of Bodies, he’s back filming the second series of Hotel Babylon (shush, I actually like that too…).

25.7.06 12:31

BBC Three puts Torchwood at centre of schedule

LONDON - BBC Three is putting 'Doctor Who' spin-off 'Torchwood' at the centre of its autumn schedule.


BBC Three is also back with a one-off finale special of critically acclaim medical drama 'Bodies', starring Max Beesley.


24.7.06 16:08


Given that he is in training to become an Army tank commander, it was small surprise to see Prince Harry riding high in the saddle despite torrential downpours at the weekend. The young royal's girlfriend Chelsy Davy took refuge under an umbrella with his father Prince Charles as they watched him strut his stuff on the polo field on Saturday.

The South African student, who is currently enjoying a summer break with her Prince, got a taste of just how changeable the British weather can be when she went along to Cirencester Park Polo Club for the fixture. Harry's friends seemed more than happy to help her keep dry while her sport-loving beau was galloping through the driving rain, however.

The same venue played host to a roll-call of celebs when the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup final was staged the following day. Singer Louise Redknapp and actor Max Beesley were both watching from the sidelines on Sunday afternoon, though former EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite opted to cuddle up with new husband Tom Ellis in the hospitality tent instead.

Among the other famous faces in attendance was silver screen favourite Ray Winstone. The Hackney-born actor, who is best known for playing tough working class characters, confessed he was more interested in the social side of things than the game itself. "It ain't for me," he said when asked if he'd ever though of getting involved with the sport. "You've got to own seven horses - it's not really where I'm from."

24.7.06 15:50

New pics *jumpforjoy*

Good evening everyone

Have some new pics for you Taken at "The Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup held at Cowdray Park!

Have a look:


here (Search for Max Beesley)




here as well (Search for Max Beasley as well)

See ya
23.7.06 20:11

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