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Hotel Babylon gets sexier

THE new series of hit BBC show Hotel Babylon is to be raunchier and more drug-fuelled than ever.

The show - set around the saucy shenanigans of a top hotel - stars Max Beesley and Tamzin Outhwaite.

And author Imogen Edwards-Jones, who wrote the original book which spawned the programme, has been drafted in to write an episode of the new series.

Imogen promises more sex and more drugs than ever before in some of the most shocking scenes to hit BBC1.

Imogen said: “It’s so exciting - I’ve written episode two of the new series. And I can promise you that I’ve brought more sex and drugs to it than ever before! It’s going to be dynamite.”

The second series is being filmed at the moment and airs in January.

2.8.06 08:12

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