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Celebs tee it up for charity

You'd be hard pressed to find a professional footballer who doesn't enjoy a round of golf now and then. Ryan Giggs is no different.
Taking time out from pre-season training, the Welsh winger teamed up with British actor Max Beesley to organise a charity golf day to raise funds for the Five Stars Scanner Appeal.

The event, held on the Brabazon course at the De Vere Belfry, featured 24 teams of four with a celebrity on each team. Star names included Robbie Williams, Mark Hughes, Simon and Yasmin Le Bon, Ray Winstone and James Nesbitt. The winning team was captained by Tony Camilleri.

In total £80,000 was raised which will go towards the £1 million pledged for the development of the new Royal Manchester Children's Hospital due to open in 2009.

Tickets for next year's event are available from For more information visit or call 08709 770 055.

2.8.06 08:18

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